Bear Claws

47. Have a Slice of Mind Pie

Characters: Jak, James, Alton, Roland, Thornside
Level: 13
Location: Sayre
NPCs: Telicanthus, Pennel, Lord Divian Torrence, Baranor the Black, Lady Catherine Torrence, General Taramin, Archdean Isabelle Grimaldi

Jak buys a keg of ale as a gift for Telicanthus. James fills a wine bottle with urine.

They meet Telicanthus’ carriage at the River Jewel and ride it to the mansion which is the most opulent and nicely appointed mansion the Bear Claws have ever seen. Telicanthus greets them at the door and Jak ‘accidentally’ gouges a hole in the ale keg with his horn and spills some on Thornside.

Telicanthus graciously accepts the gift and tells them to make themselves at home in his house.

Inside they find a huge room that is mostly empty, the walls lined with artwork. On one side sits a very old black man who is grimacing and rubbing his knee as if in pain. James hides his bottle behind a statue before approaching the man. He is Telicanthus’s neighbor and is a talkative old fellow. He mentions that he has been feeling earthquakes lately, especially last night.

James heals him and makes his knee feel better. In response Baranor regales them with stories about fighting off hordes of Orcs and strangling a dragon with his bare hands while he shows them the way to the tea room.

Inside the tea room Lord Torrence and his wife are already seated and Torrence timidly tries to reassure himself that the Bear Claws won’t cause any trouble with his friend. Meanwhile Lady Torrence tries to signal to Thornside that Pennel should be watched.

Thornside is completely convinced that Telicanthus is a good person so he sits down to enjoy the spread of tea cakes, sandwhiches and tea.

Alton checks out the artwork in the main hall but finds no evidence of secret entrances or other underground locations.

Roland eventually makes his way to the library where he meets the archdean who practically throws herself at him and sets up a dinner date for that evening at the archdeans quarters on campus. Roland spends some time talking to her where he learns that she is there because Telicanthus has been using up the city’s food stores and she is concerned about what he is doing with it.

James takes advantage of the facilities because he has been holding it since the last time the Bear Claws found a restroom in the Lost Mines of Karak, then passes out on the couch in the music room while the quartet tunes their instruments.

Jak follows Pennel down the hallway to the kitchen and then snoops around the west end of the house. He sees Pennel pocketing a key and discovers at least one locked door.

Alton meets General Taramin who tells him that Telicanthus has asked that his soldiers do not patrol near his house because they distract him from his work.

Roland notices that the floor in the library has a hollow space beneath it.

He takes his leave of the archdean and goes to find Alton. They wake James and meet up with Jak and explore the other rooms of the mansion. Two of the rooms are locked.

Alton goes back to the tea room and asks Emil and Pattie to entertain the host while he talks Thornside into helping them pick the lock on the doors.

In the first office they find stacks of paperwork detailing the expenses of the household which are using much more food than would be expected and have many other expenses that are much higher than normal.

The next office is Telicanthus’s office and seems almost bare except when Alton notices that the room is smaller than it should be. The Bear Claws find a mirror on one wall that, when touched with a piece of stained glass opens up to reveal a secret passage.

Moving down the passage they find an excavation under the mansion that spiders out from a central hub. There are several githyanki gathered in the center, resting and complaining about wearing armor. The Bear Claws see them and decide to talk to them. When Jak approaches they shout an alarm and three of them flee to get reinforcements. The other, the only one with armor attempts to hold the passage.

The githyanki succeed in bringing aid and they surround Jak and beat him unconscious. The battle is quick and brutal as Jak fights in the middle of the githyanki warriors, James stands behind trying to heal him and the rest of the Bear Claws exchange ranged attacks with the githyanki mindslicers in the back.

One of the githyanki tries to flee and the Bear Claws pursue him to the entrance to a buried tower where they find the Bitter Glass, repaired and whole with four githyanki inside working at relaying messages.

The Bear Claws approach the glass and Jak charges in through a portal getting knocked unconscious and healed by James twice more before the fight ended when Roland exploded the glass and the last githyanki surrendered warning them that Telicanthus would be very angry that they broke his glass.

Jak, bloodied and beaten so many times, kills him.




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