Bear Claws

41. Chaos is Chaotic

...and Sarshan is dead.

Characters: Roland, Jak, James, Xaladin, Alton
Level: 12
Location: Elemental Chaos, Djamela’s Tower, Overlook
NPCs: Emil, Pattie

The Bear Claws attack immediately with Jak pinning down the closest githyanki. Roland followed it up with a blast of chaotic magic that teleported Sarshan out of his protective forcefield and next to the edge of the tower. James ran at him and tried to push him over the edge but only succeeded in knocking him down. One of the githyanki taunted Alton by claiming to be the one who possessed Miranda in Overlook. His attack was successful in keeping Alton focused on him.

Sarshan attacked everybody with a burst of blood chaos before Roland exploded again throwing Sarshan and Xaladin off the 200-foot tower. They fell to the bottom where James could see Sarshan arise and start to turn back to the entrance of the tower to attack them. Xaladin wasn’t moving but appeared to be alive.

Emil considered dropping his spear on him to see if it would heal him.

The rest of the crew succeeded in killing the rest of Sarshan’s cronies while he was on his way up the tower. Alton jumped off the tower, turning into a swarm of flying dice then gave Xaladin a healing potion to revive him from the brink of death. Emil and Pattie gathered up all the ropes they could find and tossed them down for Xaladin and Alton to climb up.

Sarshan appeared in the teleportation circle and Jak, James and Roland unleashed on him. He teleported over to Roland, stabbed him and teleported away. Jak pursued and Sarshan blasted him with blood chaos, coving him with acid.

James pursued and Sarshan teleported again, stabbing Roland several times before teleporting away once more. The blood chaos covering Jak turned him into a pool of slime that spread out on the tower top.

Xaladin and Alton reached the top of the tower and Alton let loose with an attack that immobilized Sarshan inside a floating bubble just before Roland blasted him with Chaos, killing him and sending him over the edge of the tower to fall into the slowly rising lava.

The Bear Claws found a chest in the area where Sarshan had been preparing his linked portal and inside they found gold and several wondrous magic items. A Handy Haversack, a golden spade that will instantly dig holes in dirt, sand or ice, a gem that will record voices for playing back later and a ribbon that allows question rituals to have extra questions.

Meanwhile Alton casts multiple version of his floating disk while James performs a ritual to restore Jak back to his mobile and non-slimy self. Xaladin can see the earthberg that they came in on still floating on the lava in the distance so the party mounts Altons floating disks and he takes them back.

They make their way back through the caverns, up the tree, into the caves under Falrinth’s tower and out to the city of Talar where they emerge, bedraggled, exhausted and nearly beaten but triumphant. They find the city even more destroyed than before and Megan and Falrinth just mopping up a team of mercenaries led by Thorn the bounty hunter to try and claim Sarshan’s bounty on her.

Falrinth gives the Bear Claws a copy of his Linked Portal ritual with the runes for Brindol Keep and the Stone Hammer temple in Overlook.

James and Alton stay up all night learning the new ritual and then take everybody home to Overlook. They hurry back to the Belden’s Rest to find the Jacob and Coriander have redecorated with bright red curtains, bright green tablecloths and bright yellow chairs. The Bear Claws are too exhausted to care.

The next day they go to the Overlook Council and claim their reward for killing Sarshan.

Afterward Alton takes the entire group out to dinner at Leena’s. While there the server mentions that the githyanki have been attacking all over the world and seem to be very well coordinated in their attacks. The city of Dornaithos to the north has been spotting Githyanki airships nearby and the city of Corwyn is already under siege.

Jak meets the new Captain of the City Guard, Jerra Dauralis who is a competent woman that seems to take to the position well. She tells him that Kalad has recruited half a dozen dwarves from Bordrin’s Watch to help him clean out the Monastery of the Sundered Chain and start the order back up.

Emil also gathers everybody together to give them lessons on Pattie’s sign language. Alton and Xaladin are successful at picking it up. Jak and James seem to be confused that all those hand motions are actually supposed to be communication.

While they are gathered at the Belden’s Rest one night a young dwarf rushes in excitedly and tells them Captain Daurallis needs them right away. “One of our southern outposts spotted an airship heading this way. She’s armed and we don’t recognize the make. There could be trouble.”



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