Bear Claws

The protectors of Overlook and heroes of the Elsir Vale have proven themselves as worthy heroes but can they continue to prove strong enough against the growing threats to the world?

The githyanki have begun a full-scale invasion of the Prime Material Plane and it seems that only the Bear Claws can stand in their way.

The Bear Claws

Alton Greenhill
Jak Clankiller
Morgran “James”
Thornside Autumnfall

The Adventures

Heroic Tier

Chapter 1. Rescue at Rivenroar
Chapter 2. The Siege at Bordrin’s Watch
Chapter 3. The Shadowrift of Umbraforge
Chapter 4. The Lost Mines of Karak
Chapter 5. The Den of the Destroyer
Chapter 6. The Mountainroot Temple

Paragon Tier

Chapter 7. Beyond the Mottled Tower
Chapter 8. Haven of the Bitter Glass
Chapter 9. Alliance at Nefelus
Chapter 10. Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
Chapter 11. Garaitha’s Anvil
Chapter 12. Tyranny of Souls

Bear Claws

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